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As compared with warmer and sunnier southern countries it could be seemed, that sometimes cold and damp Bohemia is not the most ideal place to grow a vine. Despite that we can find here a number of places, mostly at the central and northern part, where the vine has been grown. An average temperature here is about 8 °C, during a vegetation about 15 °C. The vineyards are situated on the northern slopes along the Labe [Elbe], Vltava and Berounka rivers. The vine gives a good harvest on the whole and wine quality is changeable. Nevertheless there is a number of excellent wines reaching a high quality by their storage in historical cellars. In the year 1756 the vineyards covered about 7,413 acres (11.6 square miles), the largest area since that time. In 1995 the vineyards lay on 969 acres only. The region is divided into six vine areas.

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