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Vineyards of Zernosec

The area represents smaller region and it is created by calcareous sandstone, marly slopes, loess and Carboniferous river sediments. 16 producers of five vintner's communities farm on 180.4 acres of vineyards. "Muller-Thurgau", "Ryzlink rynsky" [Petit Riesling], "Rulandske modre" [Pinot noir], "Rulandske bile" [Pinot blanc], "Modry Portugal" [Blue Portuguese] and "Svatovavrinecke" [St. Lawrence's] are grown here mostly. The area has a copious viticulture history. Local vineyards were mentioned already in the 11th century. The vine was grown on 1,235 acres (1.9 square miles) in a neighbourhood of the city of Litomerice and other villages.

Litomerice, Lovosice, Michalovice, Velke Zernoseky, Zalhostice

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