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Vineyards of Mikulov

Palava, a sanctuary with limestone rocks, different plants and unique animals, represents a dominant of the area, which is the largest viticulture region in the Czech Republic. Soil contents of Jurrasic limestones, sandy lime-stones and marls. Mostly white varieties are grown here, as well as a newly cultivated Palava. "Ryzlink vlassky" [Riesling], Chardonnay, "Veltlinske zelene" [Veltlin green], "Muller-Thurgau", "Neuburske" [Neuburg], "Sylvanske zelene" [Sylvaner] and "Tramin" [Traminer] give a good harvest of good quality on limestone soils. The Mikulov vineyards are located on the south in a neighbourhood of Weinviertel, the Austrian viticulture region. Vineyards of 6,412 acres (10.0 square miles) belong to 31 viticulture communities and 2,762 producers. The centre of this region are Mikulov and Valtice, cities with museums, dedicated to a viticulture. Vines experts are educated at the Vine Secondary School, established in Valtice in the year 1873.

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