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            Czech great names in research and breeding of ornamental and fruit plants as well as grapevines through the twentieth century

    Vojtěch Řezníček, Petr Salaš, Jan Lužný


            An unusual development of research and breeding of cultivated plants has marked the passed century. This is evidently connected to Mendel´s discovery of genetic relations and observations from the year 1865. J.G. Mendel was born in Moravia, later on, he became an abbot in one of Brno´s monasteries but also a biologist and a researcher. It is obvious that three other men of science took part in this development thanks to their research and their „rediscovery“ of Mendel´s genetic principles in the year 1900. They are the German Carl Correns, the Dutch Hugo de Vries and the Austrian Erich Tschermak-Seysenegg.

            Our today´s country, the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia) has consequently also been marked by this development. It especially influenced the creation and activities of breeding stations as well as the research in the field of breeding and genetic relations.

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    Napište nám

            In this publication „Czech great names in research and breeding of ornamental and fruit plants as well as grapevines through the twentieth century“, the authors have tried to line up the names of important celebrities, that have participated in the development of research and breeding of ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs and of grapevine.

            The first part of the publication (from page 9) largely describes the general history of cultivation and consecutively the breeding of ornamental plants (flowers, shrubs and trees) in a large period from the first written documents until nowadays. This general information part is followed by a list of workers´ names (with a short description of their research activities), all of them having worked in the field during the twentieth century.

            The second part (from page 87) similarly describes the history of research and breeding of fruit shrubs and trees.

            The third part (from page 153) similarly describes the history of research and breeding of grapevine and consequently of viniculture.

            Another part of the publication gives supplementary information as for example an explanation of all used abbreviations (page 185), a list of archival references that can be used when looking for supplementary information (page 187) and a short curriculum vitae of the authors of this publication (page 193).

            At the end (page 194), an alphabetical list of names of all workers mentioned in this publication can be found.

            The edited publication is the result of two years´ work. It is designed as an instrument which gives a basic orientation to research workers as well as to historians, specialists and non-specialists. This publication is also a document proving the state and maturity of breeding and research in the mentioned branches of horticulture in the Czech Republic (and not only in the twentieth century).

            This publication has been worked out by the pedagogues of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Faculty of Horticulture, Department of Breeding and Propagation of Horticultural Plants. The elaboration and the edition of this publication have been supported by the resources of the grant MŠMT Czech Republic (grant project LP 01032 - Czech personalities in the field of ornamental and fruit plants research and breeding in the 20th century).

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